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Here are some examples of our realizations. Showing them to you seems to us the best way of demonstrating how Mosa professional machines represent the ideal solution for all the needs of professional nurseries as well the best opportunity to thank all the peoples giving us their trust and the precious contribution to develop and improve our technology making possible to offer always the best.



Following the first complete line for trays and rockwool in Holland to Grow Group, our export knowledge and growth has been effective. Today we pride ourselves as follow:


  • 1998 Grow-Group, Baarlo - Holland
  • 2000 Grow-Palanta, Felgjö - Hungary
  • 2004 Grow-Schwanteland, Germany
  • 2005 Grow-Fide, Antalya - Turkey
  • 2006 Plantulas Grow Group, s.a. – Mexico
  • 2007 Grow-Group, Naaldwijk - Holland
  • 2008 Grow Rasad, Irig - Serbia

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Appreciated for the simple and strong mechanical construction, the low and easy maintenance, the sowing performances with raw seed, from more than 10 years Mosa exports its range of machinery in Russia.
Mainly for vegetables plants, herbs and plants for forestry.
First Company giving his trust to Mosa, now working with 8 sowing lines, is: ZAO AGROKOMBINAT "MOSKOVSKIJ" – 142784 Moskovskaja Oblastj, Leninski Raion, Posolok Moskovski RUSSIA


On 1999 we have been meeting in Spain to see the possibility for solving of several problems in moving, filling and sowing while making use of the special trays of the automatic planting system Minoru, original from Japan. Adopted and developed according local need by Semirec s.l. from Pozo Estrecho – Murcia that gave us the opportunity to perfect our machinery to the system, nowadays we can pride in over 15 Spanish nurseries that, to obtain the best performances from the exclusive system, have chosen Mosa.
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Thanks to the precious co-operation with Terralink Horticulture Inc., at SilvaGro from Walhachin, British Columbia – Canada, between 2003 and 2005, we have installed a sowing line with capacity of 900 trays/h for forestry plants in trays by Beaver Plastics from 60 up till 160 cavities.

The line consists of a trays feeder with de-stacking unit, double filling station, drum seeder, grit dispenser, watering, final multiple stacking unit. Our first and special experience in so large nursery for forestry.

Thanks to the trust by the Company GOSPODARSTWO OGRODNICZE GRZEGORZ KRASON from Wola Krzysztoporska – Poland, we have completed the first integrated line abroad for production and sowing in blocks, super-seedling and trays:  During 2007 the sowing line has been doubled and between 2004-2007 others identical lines have been completed in Italy to Covimer – Battipaglia (Salerno), F. Morena – Gromola (Salerno), F.lli Giancola e Leggiero – Monopoli (Bari) and the new full automatic line for sowing and transplanting to Vivai Di Maio – Sparanise (Caserta)


All the time we had a weakness for one sector: aromatics plants ... and not only. On the Scandinavian Countries this is a primary importance sector using high technology systems in growing and packaging. Here we have several plants working including substrate processing, potting and direct sowing. The Company OrtoNovo in Ekero – Sweden is one of the Companies that gave us the opportunity to improve our knowledge:


During 2003 year, Mosa has invested on movable greenhouse irrigation. Thanks to the trust and precious cooperation from several customers we have today an high quality and innovative product. We like mentioning the following references:


  • Coop. Covimer - Battipaglia (Sa)
  • Az. Felice Morena - Gromola (Sa)
  • Az. Luigi Burato - Limbiate (Mi)
  • Ortobioflora s.s - Scanzano Jonico (Mt)
  • Coop. Agricoltura Giovane - Monopoli (Ba)
  • Az. Ortovivaistica Pacini M. - Rigoli (Pi)

* Pictures show the installation in Beta project – (Bursa) Turkey and Grow Rasad in Irig- Serbia
where also complete sowing lines capable of 12oo trays/h are working.